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    Render CFM to string


      I have the following need. I am building a webservice that needs to be deployed in some machines. I would like the client machines to have very little to do with the processing of forms. All the client does is invoke the webservice and it should return the forms and validation.

      Well, I have an app working well with cfinvoke method=.... however, I would like to make this work as a webservice too.

      So, I suppose I need to be able to return something to the client. However, I have come to learn that <cfinvoke .. doesn't return anything to the client (as it should). The only thing going back to the client is the returned variable.

      So, I need to do all rendering a cfm into a string object that I can return back to the client.

      I just don't know how this can be done.

      My other solution is to copy all the html + scripts from cfms and put them in the cfc and add quotations. Well, That's not a bad idea. But that's a bit silly if I have to copy the javascript libraries and so on.

      Any ideas on the matter are greatly welcomed,