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    After Effects warning: Undo group mismatch, will attempt to fix


      After Effects warning: Undo group mismatch, will attempt to fix. Have reinstalled After Effects a number of times, and now have a new computer. IT support at work are baffled. This happens as a result of not being able to import files in the normal way (File> Import, double click the media browser, right click on media browser and import) This is not a continuous issue, when I first open AE, I am able to work as normal, import at normal. Only after importing a few different comps does this begin to happen. I am suddenly unable to import any type of file or media. It does not respond or react to opening a box to even begin browsing for what I wish to import. The only other way to import would be to drag and drop my desired media into the project. As a result, when attempting to edit key frames for that imported item, this error (as before) will appear, and all imported media will disappear. Any idea how on earth to fix this issue, or what else I can do? The work around I have at the moment, is to close AE and reopen it, for it to work for about 30 mins before stopping again. it also quite often crashes when this pop up appears. Unknown.pngUnknown-1.png