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    importing from note4 crashes lightroom


      when opening importmenu lightroom crashes when note4 is connected

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          Modesto Vega Level 2

          This has been reported before in the forum, perhaps not with a Samsung Galaxy Note4. Generally speaking, I don't think is a good idea to use the import module with any device capable of storing media connected to the computer via USB.

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            agenor Level 1

            First LR should not crash because i connected the note4 to the computer.

            It shall give an errormessage that something is wrong.

            The problem is in the plugin Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.7.1\moxplugins\wpdmanager.mox

            if you remove this plugin LR stops crashing.


            LR is a program to help you handle your photos whatever the source.

            The discussion of whats a good idee or not is not relevant

            My NIKON camera is using USB so maybe i shall not use it with LR?

            what about my USB stick/disk

            So i expect it to handle photos from the note4 as well

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              Modesto Vega Level 2

              I don't disagree with you, Lr should not crash, this is a well documented problem - please see Google. But if you want to stop the crashes you are going to have to unplug it (perhaps just with unlocking it the crash will go away).


              As a general rule of thumb it is not best practice to import from camera via USB, in particular if your computer has a card reader. For a few years I was the first one not to follow that best practice, until the process became too painfully following a camera upgrade. Nowadays, I never connect my Nikons to the computer (I don't have a need for tethering), I just take the media cards out and use the card reader, it is much quicker.