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    Digital Editions Keeps crashing

    ZeusZeus Level 1

      On W8.1, I installed the latest one and when I exit it always crashes! Adobe, a release fix coming up our way? Thanks!

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          joanb19289861 Level 1

          Me too - I download a book from my public library then when I try to transfer it to my brand new Kobo ...Adobe Digital Editions crashes every time......I would un- install and try over but I cannot find a way to un-install........how frustrating is this!

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            kathyhirstmoe Level 1

            Me too.  It started after Adobe wanted me to update to the newest edition!  Digital Editions just keeps crashing!

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              shreya Adobe Employee

              Please explain the steps where you are facing the crash.


              ADE is crashing with any particular book ?

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                shreya Adobe Employee

                Try with latest ADE Version: 4.0.3

                Download | Adobe Digital Editions

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                  kathyhirstmoe Level 1

                  The newest Adobe Digital Editions 4.0.3  would crash every time I minimized it.  After reinstalling this version numerous times the crashes continued. I even called in to Adobe help line, the tech saw what I was talking about.  However, he claimed my computer had a Trojan.  Instead of paying the cost he wanted me to pay, I contacted a very knowledgeable IT friend.  He found no Trojan.  So with his help we did a computer recovery which restored ADE 4.0.2 the crashes stopped.  I guess I will stick with this one!

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                    Philippe DSTG Level 1

                    Same for me...

                    On windows 8.1, upgrade from 4.0.2 to 4.0.3.

                    Crash each time I minimize it. (not on exit).

                    Reinstalling 4.0.2 stops the problem.

                    I tried several times to install / uninstall... with the same result .



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                      Sameer G Level 1

                      By "exit" you mean you close the program (i.e. File, Exit, or Alt+F4, or click the X window button)? Have you tried minimizing the program window? Does it crash then as well?


                      Well, anyway! In my case, I'm using Windows 8.1 as well, and it does not crash by exiting (i.e. closing) the program. Even if it did crash then, it would not matter to me since I wanted to exit out of it anyway (except for extra steps to close out of Windows crashy dialog boxes). But in my case it crashes every time I minimize it.

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                        Sameer G Level 1

                        Wow! How did they come to the conclusion that you had a Trojan horse in your computer? Did they connect to it remotely and see the (mis)behavior of ADE in action? Yet they wanted you to pay for the "assistance"? For what? For not resolving the problem? That's unbelieveable. Just wow!


                        I have the same issue on my computer, also running Windows 8.1 here, and I can tell you it's not because of any Trojan. My computer is kept super clean and tidy. No viruses, no horses and no bloatware and such. I can guarantee it. The problem here is with dodgy software update from Adobe, not your computer.


                        Version 4.0.2, or whatever version I had prior to 4.0.3 was working fine. But ADE kept nagging about this glorious update with all the cool new features, so I finally took the bait and look how it broke the ADE. The new feature highlights failed to mention this bug.


                        If it ain't broken, don't try to fix it! Well... now it is broken... It's too bad that there is no way to disable update checks in ADE. I would have done that instead. Now I have to use version 3 after uninstalling version 4. Until Adobe decides to undo its own doing.

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                          Philippe DSTG Level 1

                          Sameer, do you need the 4.0.2 installer? I have it... Reinstalling it over 4.03 works well. I can post it on google drive or upload it on the file sharing  if you want...

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                            Sameer G Level 1

                            I wouldn't mind if you do.


                            Did you get it from Adobe? I don't trust dubious software download websites. I could use Google Search for that.

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                              Philippe DSTG Level 1

                              Yes. It is the original one downloaded from Adobe... You are right: I also not trust dubious software download websites...


                              Here is a link to my Google Drive:



                              Let me know if you have any problem with the download...


                              Kind regards

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                                kathyhirstmoe Level 1

                                Yes, sorry, I did mean minimize not exit.  The older version is working just fine.

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                                  kathyhirstmoe Level 1

                                  Sameer, I did let them do a remote hook up.  Guy on the phone said that since my computer had 2 csrss.exe files running that I had the trojan.  The computer is only about 2 months old and I have numerous firewalls plus anti virus running.  IT friend looked at it remotely and  found no trojan.  After he did the recovery to just before the new ADE download, the old ADE worked just fine.

                                  I agree if it is not broke do not fix it - or at least try it out, find bugs before suggesting it to users.

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                                    Sameer G Level 1

                                    That worked very well. Thank you!


                                    Adobe should be the one serving up old versions of ADE. All they have is this download page for old versions: Adobe Digital Editions downloads


                                    But they name the files like "ADE_3.0_Installer.exe" or "ADE_4.0_Installer.exe". I believe this is intentional to prevent us from "reverse-engineering" the URL to say "ADE_4.0.3_Installer.exe" and the like. LOL at you Adobe!


                                    Neighter does the public FTP host any particular minor version. See this URL: ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/digitaleditions/


                                    So again, thanks for providing the download link.

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                                      Sameer G Level 1

                                      The file csrss.exe is a vital part of the Windows system. It has been present in Windows at least since Windows 7 was released. It's an acronym for Client Server Runtime proceSS.


                                      Here is a Microsoft community Q&A about it: Is csrss.exe a safe process ? - Microsoft Community


                                      Here is a Seven Forums post about it: Is csrss.exe a trojan?  - Windows 7 Help Forums


                                      This is the user-mode portion of the Win32 subsystem (with Win32.sys being the kernel-mode portion). Csrss stands forclient/server run-time subsystem and is an essential subsystem that must be running at all times. Csrss is responsible for console windows, creating and/or deleting threads, and some parts of the 16-bit virtual MS-DOS environment.


                                      Thank you Internet!


                                      But as always with Windows executable files, the name does not have to match the actual program. So other malicious programs can use the same name to mask their true nature. One way to get an indication of whether or not this process is legit is to check the location of the file. If you open Task Manager, go to Details tab (Windows 8) or Process tab (Windows 7) and you see the process name "csrss.exe" you can right click on it (or each of them if there are several), and click "Open file location". If you end up at C:\Windows\System32 in Explorer, then you're good. If you end up in some other directory or folder, and it's not under the Windows folder, then chances are you are dealing with a malicious program.


                                      That's a good way to start inspecting the suspecious file. But there is also a chance that the very same file from Microsoft has been deliberately removed, and that the malicious program has not only the same name as the original, but is also stored in the same folder where the Microsoft file used to be. To get a proper analysis of it you would have to run an anti-virus program on it. Since you already had the anti-virus installed, it would likely have picked up the trail on this supposed Trojan, had it really been a Trojan that is. Then of course, I should point out that not all malicious software is detected, and some of them that are detected as malicious are in fact legitimate (false positives). So you should really use your own judgement, and rely less on the software tools alone.


                                      Frankly, it's usually easier to blame the problem on someone else... or someone else's program... as the root cause. Than having to go figure out your own mistakes and admit that you screwed up. People are often like that, they take the easy way out. It takes a big man, or a company with high standards and ethics to admit when they are wrong.


                                      Or at least try it out, find bugs before suggesting it to users.


                                      Agreed! I would like to believe that Adobe did indeed test the program before they released it, but I am not sure how thoroughly they did the testing. I mean the problem of crashing when minimizing the window is so easy to spot, and more than one Windows 8 user is reporting the same issue (with different computer models, underlying hardware and configurations). Also, there are no Beta versions of ADE, as far as I'm aware of, for users to test and report back issues to Adobe so they can address them. In fact there is not even a bug report form for ADE (report form) and the Bugbase tracker (bugbase) shows no records for ADE.

                                      I think it's safe to say that the ADE and the development behind it is laregely disconnected from all the major Adobe software products and it is under-prioritized, as in "non-important junk we could not care less about". The more important thing is that they can cash in $$$$ on Content Server and their DRM scheme - "Digital Rights Management" (or rather digital restriction management). That's the business side of things. On the consumer side of things... well... the ADE software is free, so we don't pay for the software (what you pay is what you get?). But we can't use any other e-book reader software (or device) either if it doesn't support Adobe DRM, and as consumers we do in fact pay for ADE by paying higher prices for Adobe DRM protected e-books (stores have to adjust their prices upwards to compensate for $$$$ content protection systems from Adobe and transaction fees to be profitable). Welcome to the DRM world!

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                                        joshmcc Level 1

                                        I have the same problem and it is driving me to distraction - every time I minimize digital editions 4.0.3 it crashes!  Come on Adobe do something about it.  In the mean time I will revert to 4.0.2