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    Online purchase experience is abysmal


      Now, I'm just a casual user of Adobe Products.  Most recently, I am the user of Lightroom 4, Photoshop CS 5.1, and Photoshop Elements 9.

      Last week I tried to order an upgrade to Lightroom 5.  My online purchase was "denied".  Why?!!!

      I was logged into my user account, which, btw, shows all my licensed products.  I provide the CID on my AMEX card. I have excellent credit.

      No reason for the denial was given. And there is no appeal process, either.

      So I ordered the upgrade from Amazon and then registered my serial number on Adobe.com.

      So yesterday, I ordered the Photoshop upgrade from CS5 to CS6 from Adobe.com.  Again, while LOGGED IN TO MY OWN ACCOUNT.

      I am still waiting for approval. The order is pending...  Who else does this?  I ordered Capture One Pro 8 upgrade on Sunday, and the transaction went through in 30 seconds.  Phase One is $99 richer, instantly. And this was considered an international online transaction, mind you..

      This morning, a full 12 hours after placing my order, I used chat to ask Customer Service for help.  They give the boiler plate response that these orders are usually reviewed within several hours. So I called Adobe to see if I can get this approval completed over the phone.

      No such luck, because orders placed online supposedly cannot be accessed by those folks in Customer Service who take orders over the phone.  This is ridiculous.

      They transfer me to the (again, supposedly) appropriate department.  The first person, obviously a non-native English speaker, and likely not residing in the US, takes all my info, confirms it, and then says he needs to hand me to a "Specialty Team".  After his transfer and waiting for 5 minutes on the phone, another non-native English speaker gets on the line, and HE HAS ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA OF WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT when I explain that my order is awaiting manual approval.

      I've literally been trying to throw several hundred dollars at Adobe for their products and they won't take it.

      They are making be beg to buy their products.

      It ranks among the WORST customer experiences I've ever encountered.