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    Single Image, Transition Between Two Pictures

    DGSI Writer

      Hello all,


      I have searched all over the internet, but apparently I don't know how to ask what I want.


      I want a single image, made from 2 separate pictures I have, but I'm not trying to seamlessly integrate part of one into the other. Let's call them "A" and "B"


      What I'm wanting is a single frame where:


      A ----> B


      Where the "----->" is a place where the colors from the right edge of "A" gradually change into the colors for the left edge of "B" either (preferably) streaking lines or blurry gradients.


      I'm sure there is a tutorial, but whenever I type "transition" I get movie effects, when I type in "gradients" I can only get colors and when type "combine"  I get things like "Bunny with Bat's Mouth".




      PS - If this is better done in Illustrator, that is an option as well.