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    What replaces Adobe 10- photographing & printing at events.


      Adobe PSE 10 in my mind still surpasses any of the newer PSE versions & Lightroom for cataloging & transferring photos. I create a catalog for each event we photograph, am able to create individual tags from a list I've made that is always available on the right panel, drag photos to the editor, grab photos by caption & drag them to a cd or usb to process orders. We also print on sight & I do not have time to learn all the "shortcuts" alt... etc when I can drag a photo to it's destination quickly & easily.  I use different versions of PSE's editor to process photos but the latest versions 11,12,13... have lost some key features available in PSE 10.


      One example missing in recent PSE versions is the arrow keys which are critical in my usage. I can look at 5, 10!! different photos one at a time & go back to each previously viewed photo without having to view ALL on the grid & do a "find" again. Any suggestions on where go? I'd love an updated version PS Cloud, Lightroom but when I tried Lightroom it wouldn't let me drag & drop for instance when grabbing a couple of picked photos to a cd .I found the tagging complicated as I could not set up for each individual event... too many steps takes up time I don't often have.