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    P4600 and after effects ... poor performance ?



      I have bought a HP Z1 G2 Workstation which contains a INTEL HD Graphics P4600 card.

      (64 bit - Windows 7 -  16 GB RAM).

      When I work in after effects, the performance is really slow, especially when creating a simple animation. Changing a keyframe and have the impact updated on the display takes seconds. Which makes the system basically impossible to do video editing work in after effects (which is why I have bought the system). When I do this on my laptop with a K4100, the animations is capable of following my keyframe updates promptly.


      P4600 Driver version updated to v10.18.14.4080 (date: 05/01/2015)


      At the startup it mentions something about GPU but I don't think that is relevant for Intel graphic cards, isn't it ?



      The version of After Effects is CC2014 (latest version - fresh install since last week).


      And while reading ADOBE information, my attention is drawn back to this sentence:

      Enable hardware acceleration of previews, which uses the GPU to assist in drawing previews to the screen.

      This is probably the problem. Doesn't Intel have something like GPU to enable acceleration of preview ? Or can this be done differently on Intel Graphic cards ?


      Thanks for any advice that can make my system usable for video editing work.