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    Is FormsCentral emailing my users about retiring?


      One of my users emailed me a message he received from FormsCentral with their stock language about retiring the service.  We replied to find out how he got the message, and he explained that he's entered his email address on our forms before--he doesn't have an account.  If this is what it sounds like--if FormsCentral is taking it upon themselves to email anyone who has ever provided an email address on one of my forms--I am more disappointed about the way they've handled their retirement than I already was.


      I find it completely unprofessional to have my users receiving unsolicited emails about a program I administer.  I should at least have been warned by FormsCentral that they were planning to do this--better yet, given the option to opt out.  The retirement is my problem, not my users' problem.  My hope was that my users would experience a seamless transition to the new forms provider.  (I've opted for FormSite after extensive research and am very pleased with them so far, wish I had found them before FormsCentral.)


      I hope I'm wrong about my users receiving emails.  I'd like to hear from FormsCentral about whether or not they're emailing those who have ever supplied an email address on any form -- we account holders should know about this so we can do damage control.

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          Sara.Forsberg Employee Moderator

          Hi Rebecca,


          Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. Please be assured that Adobe doesn't harvest email addresses from forms that our customers create and distribute with Adobe FormsCentral.


          We suspect that your recipient may be an Acrobat Pro user (who never used FormsCentral to author forms), as those customers received notification about the service retiring as well.


          We do apologize for the concerns that this has caused.


          Kind regards,