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    CC Package to IDML fails print-to-booklet in CS6


      I work in a school that has yet to upgrade to CC.

      I routinely work with student files that are built in CC. I process in previous version transitions has been to Package the file, and use an IDML file to jump between version.

      This time we are seeing two issues:

      CC ID files that have been packaged, always fail when you try to use print to booklet. We receive the "This document uses multiple pages sizes" warning, even though by all tests and estimations on my part, the layout is consistent and all pages are the same size. Resetting these values does nothing. Unfortunately the print to booklet process is important to us for a variety of reasons specific to our setup.

      The other annoying issue I've not been able to figure out regards CC subscription fonts - How can these be included in the packaging process? The student receives a warning about font licences, but the fonts themselves never appear in the package folder.


      Anyone else have these issues and found a way around them?