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    Too many fonts?


      I've been using Photoshop CS5 and CS6 on a 64-bit Windows 7 Toshiba Satellite with 8 gigs of RAM and experiencing some issues with fonts. I also had problems with my outdated or underpowered graphics processor, which made using CS6's Oil Paint filter impossible. So I suspected my font problem was probably due to an outdated system.


      So now I've upgraded, taking careful notice of getting the most powerful machine I could afford: Windows 8.1, 12 gigs of RAM, GeForce duo-core processor, terabyte hard drive.


      Yet my Photoshop CS6 still has the same problem: when I click on the type entry tool, Photoshop locks up and it takes a good 3 minutes before the tool allows me to enter text.


      I do have hundreds of fonts installed and can't see getting rid of many. I'm actually adding to them regularly. I have the font preview set at "huge" because I need to see what each font looks like. I have a hard time seeing them at other sizes.


      I'm really disheartened that the problem is still there. Of course, there are other problems. Once a text object is created, moving and altering it is sluggish.


      I've tried to reduce the load on Photoshop in other ways, though with 12 gigs of RAM, I think the program should be able to handle anything. I clear up the brushes, patterns, styles, etc. but it's no use.


      I guess I will have to live with this problem if the solution is to reduce the number of fonts or shutting off the font preview size. I want the creative power of that font collection!


      Any solutions? Workarounds? Utilities I can add? Thanks to anybody who can help.


      And I wish Adobe upgraded Photoshop to allow OTF fonts to be fully usable with all their glyphs, etc. I have fonts I can't get the full use of  So if Adobe is reading this, consider it a suggestion.

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          DrStrik9 Level 4

          I have around 15,000 fonts, so I understand your situation. I'm also Mac, but this shouldn't be an issue. I would recommend trying some kind of font management program. Our font management program will automatically open fonts contained in a document, and will manage huge font sets easily. We use FontAgent Pro, and there is a Windows version.


          FontAgent Pro - The Worlds Smartest Font Manager for Windows Vista and XP!


          I'm not sure they're up with Win 8.1 yet, but it would be worth a conversation with the developers. They might even be able to help with what you're experiencing now, and be able to tell you whether FontAgent Pro would solve your issues.


          Good luck!