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    white Balance in Camera RAW

    Farnaz G Level 1

      Why in Camera RAW my White Balance shows 0 instead of showing temperature in kelvin

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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It does indicate the color temp of the shot if it is in the File data, otherwise the starting point is 0. The below quote explains how the Temp slider works.


          From here:Examining the Camera Raw Tools In Depth | Camera Raw Controls | Peachpit


          The White Balance adjustments are split between Temperature and Tint. Camera Raw 6 has interface clues—blue and yellow in the Temperature slider and green and magenta in the Tint slider. The Up and Down arrow keys adjust the color temperature in increments of 50 Kelvins. Pressing Shift at the same time adjusts the temperature in increments of 500 Kelvins.

          • Temperature. The Temperature control lets you specify the color temperature of the lighting in degrees Kelvin, thereby setting the blue-yellow color balance. Lowering the color temperature makes the image more blue to compensate for yellower light; raising the color temperature makes the image more yellow to compensate for the bluer light. (If this seems counterintuitive, remember that we think of higher color temperatures as bluer and lower ones as yellower. The trick is to keep in mind that the Temperature control compensates for the color temperature of the light, so if you tell Camera Raw the light is bluer, it makes the image more yellow.)