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    How do you Make an Interactive Drop Down Menu in Adobe Acrobat Pro That Uses Hyperlinks?

    elliotn76619016 Level 1

      Hi first off let me point out and apologise in advance for my ignorance and possibly my misuse of the correct terms, I'm new to this.


      Anyway here goes, my best attempt to try and explain myself. Using Adobe Acrobat Pro I am trying to create a drop down menu that lists a set of documents. Once you click an item in the drop down menu it then opens up the corresponding document. So far example the Menu reads "Documents" and below it there is three options "Dogs" "Cats" "Hotdogs" when you click on "Hotdogs" you open up the document for hotdogs etc.


      I have actually done it once before using Javascript and a combo box and I think basically you buried the links to documents in a series of bookmarks, the Javascript code then was basically a shortcut to activate those bookmarks.


      So in short, could someone please tell me the code I would need to make this happen? I have looked extensively for the right forum post to see if my question has already been covered but I couldn't find anything and I possibly could have been using the wrong search terms.


      Please ask me to clarify anything to help you understand what it is I'm asking.


      Thank you in advance for all your help.