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    InDesign, Font & Text, Magazine Creation



      • Designing magazine. (used template and sizes given by magcloud for their preferences).
      • Trying to add text, elements.


      • Text keeps disappearing completely.
      • Even setting the settings permanently, they go back to default.
      • Font trouble: Font is at size 12 which is in-proportional to the page itself. I lower the font size all the way to 4.5. I know that if this were the actual size of the font in America, it would be barely legible to many adults. Why is the font doing this? Or is it only doing this because its a different set of measurement??


      IS there a solution or am I doing something wrong??








      Font size out of proportion

      3.5 pt and it is HUGE. This is a large magazine, about the size of paper, this font is huge for size 3.5!!