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    Is it possible to export as HTML5?


      Firstly, my apologies, i'm in no way a flash expert and this will probably make the majority of you cringe. I am fine at the design side of things, however when it comes to the coding etc I haven't the foggiest.


      Basically I have created flash banners for my website to be displayed on various ad networks. These are designed in flash and exported as .swf which is fine. Obviously the majority of mobiles however don't display this but would display html5 or gif? Want to try and really stay away from gifs if possible. I have noticed on Flash CC there is a canvas at the start called html canvas?! Is this something that basically makes your banner in html5 or am i really jumping the gun on this one?


      If no to all of the above, where or what would you suggest I used to create HTML5 banners?


      Thanks so much in advance, Tom