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    Cold Fusion / Ajax help


      I need this ASAP. I am trying to do some AJAX stuff with Fusion and am under the gun. I've been doing tutorials and I get it, but I just cant get it to work for what I need. I am basically trying to do an Excel like application where a bunch of fields are spit out to the user in table form much like Excel. The fields are all editable, but instead of submitting the entire form with ALL of the fields, I need each form field to edit itself via AJAX onBlur. So when the user edits a cell and goes to the next cell, the contents of the cell get sent to a receiving page via AJAX and the field will get updated in the database on the fly. But the catch is that I need to pass both the NAME of the field to be edited AND the value of the field to the processing page because all of the fields are being generated on the fly and are not hard coded. So I will need to pass the fieldname, the value of the field and the record ID to the processing page and do the update without the user leaving the page. I am close but I keep getting script errors and I just don't know where they are coming from.