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    Old .mov transitions don't work on new PC

    marketingmercenary Level 1

      I have some 3rd-party transitions in .mov format (Digital Juice) which do not work on my new Windows 7 computer. I had Quicktime on my old PC (also Windows 7), but have not installed it on my new PC. Is that why they don't work? I am editing with Premiere Elements 13.


      I discovered the problem when trying to update a project created a few months ago. I used several transition files from a Digital Juice collection. When I got my new computer, I never installed Quicktime, because the VLC media player was already installed. So, when I opened the old project on the new PC, PE13 could not "find" these files. I get a general error when trying to import the transition files back into the project.


      One more thing - on the old PC, I had also installed PE7 and PE10 over the years, before installing PE13 a few months ago. Don't know if that's a factor.