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    Z/Depth buffer output

      Is it possible to "print" your z buffer in director in real time? So you'll get a greyscaled depth-image?

      Like used for shadow mapping in 3d engines: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shadow_map
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          tedalde2 Level 2
          Yeah, good question... I'd like to know this too. Seems like it would be an easy switch to flip somewhere, but it's not natively available from lingo. Anyone have suggestions?
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            tedalde2 Level 2
            I originally questioned this so I could access the z-image to build a customized 24-bit-plus-depth image for use with a special 3d screen. The screen can show stereo 3D without the need for 3D glasses.

            The screen manufacturer also makes a DLL for use with OpenGL 3D programs. The DLL creates the customized 24-bit-plus-depth image using OpenGL, which the screen interprets into its 3D image. So I ended up making a simple xtra and some lingo that interfaces with the DLL... works perfect so far, but I have yet to test it on the real 3D screen... hopefully soon.