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    AMD GPU acceleration unavailable. (OpenCL)



      I want to activate GPU acceleration for Premiere Pro CC 2014.2 however within project settings the bar is grayed out with 'Mercury Playback Engine Software Only' as the selected option.

      I contacted adobe chat support and they got me to do the following:
      1. Uninstall Premiere and remove preferences

      2. Uninstall all AMD drivers (including the OpenCL driver I installed)

      3. Restart my computer

      4. Re-install Amd drivers then Premiere.


      I also used GPU-Z to determine if my GPU is OpenCl enabled, which it is. (Screenshot: http://puu.sh/fsgBP.png)


      None of this worked and my problem is still the same.


      Computer specs:

      Intel i7-4790 CPU 3.60GHz

      16.0 GB RAM (15.8 GB usable)

      AMD Radeon R9 290 GPU 4096 MB VRAM


      Help pls