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    White outline around images when exporting to PDF 1.3




      We need to send a PDF to a magazine. The PDF will be used for an advertisement. They have stipulated various preferences which we complied with but they responded that the PDF received was for 1.4 and they want it as 1.3.


      We are using Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro.


      When we open the file and choose Print... select Press Quality and edit the Press Quality settings we choose PDF 1.3


      When the PDF is created various image elements have a faint white box around them. These appear when printed.




      Does anyone know how we can export from Acrobat 11 Pro to PDF 1.3 without the white lines, please?





      We sorted it out - it was a display issue. I followed the recommendation from Crocy Francois in the comments section here: http://indesignsecrets.com/when-you-see-thin-white-lines-in-your-pdf-files.php: "This problem is inherent to Acrobat and easy to solve. Open the preferences panel. Click on “Page Display” in the right column named “Categories”. In the “Rendering” section, make sure that “Smooth line art” is unchecked. There you are, the ghost lines should disappear." When printed, the lines did not appear.