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    Issues with logging in to CC and missing features


      My team is using CC on corporate environment PCs, Win 7 64bit. Some of the problems we have seen are:

      When we buy a new adobe license for a new user our IT department has to install the Creative Cloud desktop manager and software on their PC. They do this by using an admin windows account and the new adobe login. Everything works fine for them, they are able to log in to CC and install the software, When the user logs in with their windows account and try to log in to CC with the same adobe id then they get the common issue with the sync button just turning and never logs them in. In some cases this is fixed by deleting the OOBE folder from the admin local profile allowing the other user to log in to CC but most times the IT has to resolve to rebuilding the PC and starting again.

      We also hotdesk in my team.I found that when i work on my laptop or another desktop pc in the team everything is fine but if i have to use a different PC for the day i log in but don't have all the features (I can get the home feed, fonts, etc, but not the app installers)

      Another member of my team works fine on that same PC but on a different PC she doesn't have all features. She gets the app installers, but not some of the other features.

      It all seems to be a bit random as to who can access what.


      Our corporate firewall is open to most Adobe servers, unless there is something we have missed. PCs have Adobe Air

      These issues have been happening for months now and IT have spend hours to resolve.


      Anyone else has issues using Creative Cloud in a corporate environment and are there any suggestions we can use please?