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    LR4 Missing Rectangle Box in Graduated Filter Menu


      Hello All

      First question in the forum, couldn't find any posts relevant to my problem.....

      Windows 7 64-bit Family Premium Edition 2009

      LR 4.4


      Attempting to enhance images using Graduated Filter.

      Graduated Filter settings box appears and I can move sliders, but there is no means to select the area of the image to apply the filters. On tutorial pages I see a rectangle selection box next to the word Color in the Graduated Filter settings menu, on my version of LR, this box is missing.

      When I move the cursor over the image with the GF menu open, I get the cross-hair cursor but when I click the image goes completely grey (disappears) and I have to load a duplicate image from the library.

      I have downloaded the latest copy of LR4 and reinstalled, but the problem persists.

      I have disabled my NVIDIA graphics card accelerations and enhancements.


      Any help greatly appreciated - I'm getting really frustrated by this problem and have been searching for a solution for a couple of weeks now.


      Below is a screen shot of what my LR looks like with the Graduated Filter active (my elipse showing where the rectangle box is meant to be) ...



      Thanks in advance