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    I want to load external content, which is a dynamic animation containing scripts js and css.


      Edge Animate CC 2014 - code (eg. compositionReady). How to enter the code to work.


      Edge Animate - compositionReady

      sym.$("container01").load("page.html #box01");



      This is the file to be loaded - page.htm



      <script src="http://example.com/inc/carousel.js?ver=4.1"></script>





      <div id="box01">
      <style type="text/css" media="screen">
        #box01 { height: 1%; margin: 30px 0 0; overflow:hidden; position: relative; padding: 0 50px 10px;   }
      jQuery(document).ready(function(){jQuery('#gallery').carousel({ buttons: true, interval: true, });});

      On the page.html and ID = "box01" is dynamic content (gallery)

      which loads a by means of an additional js script.

      How do I load the page to see it animate edge?


      I load through an iframe, but I need only a part of the page. So one div.

      Something is missing, as in this writing is not working.

      Is loaded into the container only one photo and no animation offset.


      I greet.