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    Mister Peanut
      Hi all,

      I'm wondering if someone could recommend a good tutorial on designing a mail page, in which the user can enter his/her name in a text field, enter the email in another text field, and a message in a large text field, and hit a submit button to send the info to a specific email address using the user's default email (like Word, or whatever).

      Also looking for a tute on having a dynamic text field that reads HTML or stylesheets...

      I will search in the meantime, so no worries if nobody has an answer straight away.


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          SymTsb Level 2
          Wow! It's amazing how many of these have popped-up this week. Search the forums for contact forms. You'll get what you need.

          Basically, it requires a php file to handle the mail function
          a sender in flash (using LoadVars) called by a button instances on(release)
          a receiver in flash (using LoadVars) that will handle the LoadVars.onLoad() event.

          Like I said, just look around the Actionscript Forums. It's been discussed all week here.