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    Simple interactive animation


      I want to make a similar animation like this one that I made with Flash Pro (CS5). How to make the same as html-5 using Edge Animate CC? It cold be just two .png drawings shifting top position. http://elektrofag.info/animate/kontaktoren/

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Right. all you need is one png on the stage and then replace it with the other one on the click event.

          add your png to the stage. Change div to img.

          on your click event change the image

          on your buttons you could have this in stage/compostionReady

          function useButtons(element) {

          sym.$(element).bind("click",function() {






          // add button names here . Note: I give the image and the button the same name.

          ['', ''].forEach(useButtons);


          sample: new images.zip - Box

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            heiarne@gmail.com Level 1

            Thanks a lot. I'm rather new on Muse and Edge. Until now I have done the most testing with Muse. It actually looks like one of the Widgets of Muse have that functionality that I'm searching. This is the presentation Widget. I have not tested to much yet, but it looks like it can do it also using the .svg format. This will eventually make "interactive content" with a size of only a few kb's. This will hopefully give fast dynamic graphics.  

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              heiarne@gmail.com Level 1

              I will do the testing with the Edge and the "pushbuttons" when I come a little bit longer with my "personal training".