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    Locating additional responses.


      I have a form that was signed by over 487 participants and it only shows 50 responses.  Is there a way I can retrieve the remaining 437 responses?

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          Drewy62 Adobe Employee

          As you export and delete responses you will be shown new ones you hadn't be able to see previously.



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            sarakinner1432 Level 1

            Is there any way that we can pay for a month-to-month subscription so we can see all 487 responses? We have a free subscription currently, which is why it's limiting us to only see 50 responses. We need all of the responses for legal purposes (so I can't delete responses).


            When I click on "Upgrade Now" it takes me to a page that outlines the program and features, but doesn't allow me to purchase a subscription anywhere. I know that Adobe is getting rid of this program in July, but in the interim we still need access to these files. Thank you!

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              Drewy62 Adobe Employee

              Due to our decision to close Fromscentral this summer we are no longer selling new subscriptions. Additionally it should be noted that you will need to have all your forms/data off of forms central this coming July before we close the service. Unless there is a good reason to keep your data in Formscentral I would suggest you consider moving it now before you go to the trouble of establishing you workflow here. If you have additional reasons you would like me to consider about your situation you can privately email me at ayarboro@adobe.com.