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    How do I install Photoshop Express on my iMac? (Can I install it on my iMac?)


      I'm a writer working on a book, and I need Photoshop Express (if it's possible) to view the size/resolution of image files that I plan to use in the book.


      I have a contractual deadline of this coming Monday, February 9, to get these photos to my editor in the high-resolution form that they specify.


      Can I do this with Photoshop Express?


      Also, can I install Photoshop Express on my iMac (running OS X version 10.6.8....yeah, I know it's an old OS, but I don't want to do an OS upgrade while I have a pook project in the works.)


      Please let me know ASAP...I'd like to get these images sorted out and ready to send to my editors no later than this coming Friday, February 6.


      Thanks in advance for your help!