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    Multilingual Application

      Hi there

      This is a really tricky problem - any help would be much appreciated. Data is being read into our e-learning app from XML. All text fields are being created dynamically according to instructions also within the XML. Everything works peachily in all European languages, however one of our clients now asking for Cyrillic and Greek.

      Our app currently uses this technique for embedding fonts - and trust me, using font symbols and other 'standard' techniques simply won't work!

      Create a linked library symbol containing a text field with an embedded font (using the characters button)
      Use this in another movie and output the swf
      Load this output swf into a dynamically created movie off screen as the app initialises (font data read in from ini file)
      Read the text field's textFormat and record in the global namespace

      The font attribute can now be applied to dynamically created text fields.

      Only problem is, it won't work for characters outside the Latin1 set, even if these are specifically added within the original text field in the linked library.

      We have numerous years of experience in ActionScript between us, but this has pretty much got us stumped. Per usual, trying to get help from MM/Adobe is pretty much pointless! Clients using this application in earnest for web deployed training include Sony, GM, Coca Cola and Dixons, so if anyone at MM is actually keeping an eye on this forum, you might want to give us a tip or two here )

      Very many thanks