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    Preserving text sharpness during bitmap to SWF conversion?

    okcss Level 1

      I do a lot of conversion turning PDF pages in SWF files. The text needs to remain sharp as possible and images need to look very good. We have proprietary software on a server that can do this fairly well but takes a while. I've been using Flash Professional CC 2014 to do this with only fair results. Here's the best procedure I've tested so far:

      Save the PDF page as a 600dpi tiff. Open in GIMP or Photoshop and resize to twice the pixels dimension of my desired SWF, change the dpi to 300, and output a PNG. Open flash, create a new Actionscript 3, size the stage to the pixel dimensions of the desired SWF, drag the PNG onto the stage and resize again to the desired pixel dimensions. Save the FLA file, make sure the publish setting has JPEG quality at 100, and output the SWF.


      But I'm still seeing text in the SWF that isn't as sharp as what our server creates, and the IT guys are all on other tasks, so I can't ask them how the server was set up.  Shouldn't I be able to have the same control in Flash?