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    how to apply exactly the same black band, to exactly the same part of the page, to 100 pages?

    malch Level 1

      Hi there,

      The more I refine my project, the more I tweak elements that, when I first created a Master Page, I didn't worry about enough.  So now, for example, I've created just the right size black band to be the background for each and every page (in the recipe part of my book), and I'd like to put it on each of these pages just like this:

      X:  8.4399

      Y:  -0.125

      W:  17.7198

      H:  1.5306


      As I've been working on my book, it usually seems that when I copy something from one page to another, I have to shift its positionthis way and that.  Is there a technique I can use so that when I apply this new/improved black band to each page, it will be placed in exactly the same place everywhere?

      I realize that I can go to each page and paste in the black band and then enter the X, Y, W and H listed above... but that's going to take me such a long time (and give me carpal tunnel).  This app is so smart, I'm thinking there must be a better way.

      If someone knows it, I'd really appreciate learning it.