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    Syncing To Audio - Best possible way


      The Issue:


      I am using After effects to compile most/all of the video I am working on.

      The video is a trailer/introduction to my Youtube videos, it will appear at the beginning of every video I post. 


      So my problem is that I find it very counter productive when I am trying to sync the images/effects to the audio.

      Unlike using Adobe Premiere where I can simply edit and listen to audio instantly and get the most precise syncing possible!

      I find that every time I want to play audio I must press the "RAM" button and it must always start from the beginning of the video,

      this is leaving me to guess more than actually knowing. I am not able to play audio/video together at a chosen point on the timeline,

      it always resets to the beginning.I need to do it as I a can do it in Adobe Premiere!


      It is very important that the effects and images flow with the music and and with the high and low points of the audio...

      Thank you So Much!