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    Consecutive, frequent crashes with AE project using Element 3D V2


      I am working in a specific project that produces these crashes. So far, other projects with lots of E3D or otherwise are performing perfectly.


      I worked on this project all afternoon yesterday, with multiple layers of E3D, offset with some slight overlap. Just an extruded text logo and a plane to cast AO and shadows on, nothing fancy... Added a light to my scene before saving and properly shutting down for the day.


      This morning upon opening, my originally white scene appeared to have a purple hue and my objects were reflecting back as if the environment was rainbow glitter. Within a short time moving the current time indicator around or making simple adjustments like turning a layer on or off, even changing renderers, AE would completely disappear. The crash is so fast and immediate, there is not even a freeze or non responsive behavior, just gone.


      Just now, I opened with previews disabled (caps lock), then turned off my 1 light in the scene, which was showing purple, and everything appears to be tentatively working. I was even able to make a increment render to show my boss that I'm not faking about having work done but AE keeps crashing.


      Everything updatable, is up to date. Nvidia, CUDA, AE, E3Dv2, Yosemite, etc.


      Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.48.04 AM.png

      I am going to try deleting that light and adding a new one and see what happens next.


      Has anyone run into this?


      Please advise,