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    Non-responsive tech support




      In early January, soon after I purchased Adobe Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements 13, I posted on a user forum a question about a problem I am having using the Organizer People Recognition capability. That evening I received a reply from one of your support engineers, Anwesha Chaudhary (anwesha@adobe.com), who promised to resolve my problem and exchanged a few emails with me. I would be glad to share that email chain with you. Note that in his Jan 12 email, he cc’d Harpreet Neelu hneelu@adobe.com and Akshaya Saxena aksaxena@adobe.com, who I assume are colleagues of his. Since the program was crashing, he requested a dump, which I sent him on Jan 12, and on that same date I received an email from him stating he had received the dump files and that they would work to resolve the problem and ‘will soon get back to [me] with the resolution’. I have not heard from him since despite twice sending him emails asking for an update. Can you help?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          A reminder that this is not Adobe. Rather a user to user forum focused on troubleshooting Premiere Elements issues user to user.

          The frequency of the Adobe presence in this forum is undefined especially as the months pass after the release of the current version 13 (September 24,



          Have you sought troubleshooting help on this matter in the Adobe Photoshop Elements Forum rather than the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum where you

          are now. People like Barbara Brundage at the Adobe Photoshop Elements Forum are likely to be more available and with expert answers as found in her

          many books. I suspect that the Elements Organizer people recognition feature attracts the interests of the Photoshop Elements user more so than the Premiere Elements user.


          But, if you were given offer of expert help from Adobe Staff, I would continue to contact each.



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            blganz@bellsouth.net Level 1

            I appreciate your response. I understand that this is a user forum and that it is hit-or-miss as to whether an Adobe rep will be monitoring here. However I have been frustrated that the Adobe rep I was working with hasn't responded to two emails over the past month and I haven't been able to figure out how to get to Adobe chat (even though I am supposedly entitled to chat support for 3 months after purchase), or to an Adobe tech support phone number, so I figured I'd try again here. Do you know a tech support phone number or a way to get to the Adobe chat capability?


            Thanks, Bob

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for your follow up. Do not give up.


              Let us explore the following, non ideal but just might work...


              1. Click on the following link to Adobe Chat

              Contact Customer Care

              Premiere Elements

              Adobe ID, Signing In

              Adobe ID, Sign In, Account Help

              Chat Panel

              If the link does not hold its sets, then you will need to navigate to the Chat Panel using the above titles as guides.

              The hope is that the Chat Panel representative will be able to help you contact the Adobe person and/or department you need.


              Online I have seen 1-800-833-6687 listed as Adobe Customer Service. I do not know if that is a viable choice, but worthwhile exploring it.

              Other than Ask the Community, the Premiere Elements contact opportunities are far less than for the Premiere Pro and the like programs.


              2. The path that is more ideal would be to post in the Adobe Photoshop Elements Forum and try to attract the attention

              of Barbara Brundage who is an expert in Photoshop Elements (both its Editor and Elements Organizer). She should be

              able to help you or suggest contact route to an Adobe team who will give you a now answer.



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                blganz@bellsouth.net Level 1

                Thanks again. I tried the phone number and got the message that they don't provide tech support for the product. I also finally got on Chat support after waiting for 30 minutes and got into a lengthy exchange with the agent. His posture at first was to basically say that they don't support the product, but after I challenged him that their engineer had promised support but had become unresponsive after exchanging a number of emails and promising resolution, he sort of relented and said he sent the notes of the chat to the 'desired team' saying they would get back to me within 24 to 48 hours. He would not send me a copy of the email, he would not give me the email address of the 'desired team', nor would he give me his own email address or ID number or connect me with his manager. I hope someone from Adobe sees this and is embarrassed by the runarounds and by the lack of support for what is basically a new product with what I believe is a bug in a significant feature.


                Thanks for listening to my rant. I will try to contact Barbara Brundage as you suggest if I do not hear back from Adobe within a few days. I will also reach out to the Consumer Protection Agency, Consumer Reports and PC Magazine if Adobe continues to be unresponsive.



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                  Anwesha Dev Chaudhary Adobe Employee

                  Hi Robert,


                  Apologies for the delay in response.

                  We have investigated your crash dumps and have sent you a private mail regarding same.

                  Lets work towards solving this issue of yours.