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    Please help! I am unable to reselect the shape I drew with the pentool...I have the layer selected, however there is no sign of my new shape in my path panel?  I have been sitting here for days literally and just cannot bring up the stroke I created...  C


      Hi - Can some help I am going crazy!!.!

      I drew a shape with the pen tool (which took me ages..) , I traced it from a picture I imported, and i am unable to reselect it.  I can see it in red but I am just not able to reselect it.  I have the layer selected, but there is no sign of it in my paths panel at all.  I tried clicking the direct selection tool (about 100 times),  I tried the brush tool.  I tried everything.  The same thing happened to me the other day.....    Please can someone help!!!!  Tania