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    Is there any attempt at ADOBE to mitigate the 'FLASH Update', twice a week, on every browser, on every platform?

    xkater Level 1

      in my household we run 3 Win laptops, 2 Win tablets, 2 Win Desktops, 2 Win SmartPhones, an iPad and an iPhone (as well as 2 Linux boxes).

      Now, one might say, OH, there's your problem, right away - i concur, that IS my problem.

      I wish i didn't have to run all these machines, and 3 or 4 different browsers that EACH require different FLASH implementations - but, please, don't bother to argue that case.


      Nonetheless, if FLASH needs updating, i must spend over an hour, sometimes days in a row, just to get FLASH current!

      Part of this issue is that updating involves 3 or 4 steps, (depending), that you must monitor - this seems highly inefficient. (i am aware of the security implications)


      The situation Is really unworkable, and am considering uninstalling FLASH on ALL systems, just to remove the headaches - and costs (my time > potentially $100/week X 52 weeks = eek ! . . . for FLASH, really?!?


      For comparison - my Windows machines update (everyday, or so) the OS, applications, malware updates, etc., without having to restart, automatically in the background.


      what to do?