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    My Adobe Edge project crashes browsers when previewed or published


      Hi, I have a moderately large project in EA that appears perfectly fine in EA but when it's previewed it crashes the browser.

      Chrome developer tools show that the elements appear to be loading ok but there's a "Javascript error in event handler! Event Type = timeline" (in edge.5.0.1.min.js:154)

      I'm running Edge Animate CC 2014.1.1


      Others on the team were opposed to using EA for this project but I was an advocate for it. The project has a hard deadline of this coming Saturday. Any quick help would be greatly appreciated.

      The content is proprietary but I can share with developers.


      Thank you.




      OS X 10.9.5

      EA 2014.1.1

      Apple MacBook Pro 15inch Retina late 2013 - 2.6GHz i7 16GB

      NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048MB