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    Upgrading CS5 options


      I've had PS up to CS5. When tried to upgrade found out your set-ups have changed and not sure I understand it. I am a hobbyist who uses PS often for personal photo projects and scrapbooking so I dont need all the specialty features some professionals might need. As such what are the options I have for upgrade? Secondly if I do not upgrade from CS5 will I encounter any problems because of that? I am now using it on a regular Mac Book pro and the Mac Air. Any ideas and suggestions?



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          Pete.Green Adobe Employee

          Hi pepita70,


          Current options for upgrade are:

          You can upgrade to the latest version of Photoshop and Lightroom by joining the CC Photography Plan. https://creative.adobe.com/plans/photography

          You can upgrade to Photoshop CS6 (non-CC-membership): http://adobe.ly/10iKEn4


          If you do not upgrade, the system you have now, assuming it's working, can continue to work.

          CS5 is not coded for yet-to-be unreleased OS updates. It is these updates in the future that could potentially break some of the current working CS5 functionality. In a way -- Update the OS at the risk of CS5 stopping working in the future.

          Current versions of CC 2014 and later will support all current operating systems.


          Hope this helps,