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    AE to encoder slow export

    Martin Carré

      Hey guys when I export via Encoder from AE, it's faily slow, the processors are only at 20% barely and I'm on the new macpro, 3.5ghz 6 core, 32 go DDR3 and 3G AMD firePro. But the processors won't go higher than 20%, sometimes it's stuck on 11%.


      But when I export a simple thing from premiere via encoder, the processors will boost to 80% WHY IS THAT ?


      My comps in AE are heavy I understand, but they're only 3 min show, with green screen keying, Apple Pro Res footage and heaps of elements but I still dont understand why the computer won't boost its processing power to export some heavy work and go easy in the background. One of my comps took 3.5hrs to be exported, for a 3min show.... Screw that.

      I have already ticked, render multiple frames and all, if you guys have better suggestions, or the same problem, I'm happy to share ideas.


      Thanks a lot guys.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          How fast is it if you render to an intermediate format (say, a high quality Pro Res) directly from AE's render queue?

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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            It would also help to know what you consider to be slow out of AE.  Yeah, it may be slow incomparison to Premiere, but that's a totally different application and the times may be just right for AE.

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              Martin Carré Level 1

              I was gonna try exporting one sequence straight out of AE but then I cannot work, even though im curious to see how fast it will go.

              I have 30 episodes in total and that's where encoder comes in handy. But the more export you give it, the slower it gets as it treats each one after the other.

              For example, I lined up 20 exports last night as I left the office, the first one took 40 min, the 2nd 50 min and it keeps getting longer, the 9th one took 3hrs ! So After a whole night it only did 9. SO i stopped the rest, restarted the machine and now it's on the roll.

              What really troubles me is why processing power never goes higher than 50% when it exports tough AE projects.

              When I do simple motion design commercials that only last 30sec, it exports it at full power.

              I'd like a SPEED command next to my machine that could amp up the processing power...