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    newb needs help with dynamic text

      Hi Everyone,

      I don't like being a newb - but that's how it is...

      I'm trying to create a multipage registration form that allows uses to register products.
      The first page asks for name etc, and on the second page I want it to say "Welcome "+username "!" - that sort of thing...
      The problem is I can't get it to keep the dynamic text values accross the pages.

      I can get it to repeat the input on the first page with this code:

      _root.firstname_txt.onChanged = function() {
      _root.firstname_repeat.text="Hello "+_root.firstname_txt.text;

      However when I call it on the second page it is undefined:

      second_repeat.text="hello "+_root.firstnamt_txt.text;
      trace (_root.second_repeat.text);

      I'm sure this is something simple and I'm just a programming dunce...
      Any help is appreciated.