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    ActiveX & serial port

      Hi guys,

      I have a PcCredit serial board which i'm using for a University project and i'm told that it's an ActiveX control itself ( it has an arcade coin mechanisim plugged into it).

      I was just wondering if anyone has ever done this before, or could find the time to help me.

      I have NO idea whatsoever on how to use ActiveX controls, so i'm feeling this could be a mission to do!

      I have had several people try to help me (but they don't do director) and they've said that I have to include the DLL with events so I can recieve event driven messages (whatever that means).

      The board is: Fully handshaking at 9600 Baud Rate, No Parity. 8 Data Bits and 1 Stop Bit

      And I can provide software engineer's manuals if needed.

      Thanks in advance,

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          Check this link:

          It discusses how to make your own, but between that you can see how to use
          an ActiveX you already have, and has some info on how to load it into

          It should come with an installer that installs the ActiveX to interface with
          the board. You will have to run that installer on any machines you
          distribute too.

          As long as it's passing back strings and integers, things are pretty
          straight forward. If it's trying to send you an unsigned long integer, it's
          trickier getting it back in Director.