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    2 monitor workspace windows not working


      iMac Yosemite 10.10.2

      2 displays

      Mission Control "Displays have separate Spaces" OFF

      InDesign CC 2014 (up to date)



      I keep my Palettes/Windows on 2nd monitor

      Have custom Workspace (as I've had for years)

      After recent InDesign, and Yosemite updates

      Launched ID and the Swatches palette jumped to my main screen

      Put it back where it belonged

      When I go to access some functions (i.e., Color Swatch, Character Style...) I get a "Bonk" and nothing happens.

      If I draw a rectangle, I can add a stroke, change thickness, but not color.

      If I move the Palette/Window to the main display, everything works fine.


      Tried setting up new workspace, used Adobe preset workspaces, same problem.


      Anyone else???