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    Can't launch photoshop debug

    ddyer00 Level 1

      I'm trying to trick extension builder 3 under eclipse to work as a debug environment for photoshop cc 2014.  I

      followed the advice at Adobe Extension Builder and Creative Cloud 2014

      to change path names etc.


      When I try to debug-as a photoshop extension, I get the pop-up "a version of photoshop is already running"

      although I'm certain this is not the case.  I tracked the startup process to running tasklist.exe, and found

      that a task called PhotoshopElementsFileAgent.exe was running, and that killing it fixed the problem.


      So my question is, WTF is PhotoshopElementsFileAgent ?  this is a newly rebuilt machine, and I believe

      the only adobe applications that have been installed were done by the CC installer.  Certainly not photoshop



      Second, for the adobe employees that may be reading this forum, the test for photoshop running seems to be


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          ddyer00 Level 1

          another unexplained speed bump getting this configuration to work.  When you run/debug

          the extensions from eclipse debug-as menu item, files are copied from the project to windows


          the manifest file is copied from a hidden copy in <project>.staged-extension\csxs


          this hidden file determines which versions of photoshop will recognise the extension.

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            I have a problem with Photoshop.When it opens an error occurred and I have two choices.First to close the program and second to debug.When I choose debug my pc opens the visual studio and I don't know what to do.

            Any ideas?