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    preset folders missing lr 5.7

    wheel264 Level 1

      I have lr 5.7 running on a macbook pro.  running osX 10.9.5  i'm an experienced LR user.  

      I was importing new presets from onOne software.   I have a lot of presets.  some time during the process,  I have lost the links to

      most all my preset folders from the Presets bar. on the left side of the window, in the Develop module.   if I go to finder and search for "lrtemplate"  I

      seem to find all the folders and presets, yet LR doesn't show them?  Also it seems no matter what catalog I open,  the photos are now marked as "missing"  "!"

      but I can go find them again on my hard drive.  how do I get LR to recognize all my previous presets.   I have  rebooted my computer, and

      also restarted LR several times.    how do I  fix this?



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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you move the presets or the photos?


          LR looks in one dedicated folder for the presets and alike. You can check the location of this folder from the preferences dialog (.. open folder ..).


          If LR can not find a photo it show shows the exclamation mark. Right-click on the photo and select the option to relocate it.

          Before doing this, please check in the folder panel if one of the folder has an exclamation mark. If yes, right-click on the folder and update it's path before doing this for every photo.

          Keep ion mind that all file handling should be done from within LR, and never with finder.


          Folder locations

          Setting preferences