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    applying master pages to document pages, cannot drag any page icon the hand tool lets go when I move my mouse.

    steven the student

      I'm a student in the university of anchorage Alaska system.

      I am studying adobe inDesign cs6 with the classroom in a book, I am going through the book and have run head long into a problem.

      when mastering pages and I try to drag and drop the mastered page icon onto the documents pages icon the little hand lets go when I move my mouse,

      likewise when I drag and drop a documents page icon to another documents icon the hand lets go when I move my mouse.

      I've restarted saved and recreated my documents nothing seems to fix the problem



      I am running a hp pavilion AMD A10-5750M APU with a Radeon HD graphics card running at 2.5ghz,

      I have 8gb ram 64bit op X64 based processor, I have a 750gb drive with over 60% free space

      I believe my system can handle CS6