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    Lightroom & OneDrive - a match made in heaven?


      My photo collection is in a real mess! I'm seriously considering using Lightroom to organise and I'd really appreciate some feedback on my proposed approach as set out below.


      Importing and Storage

      1. Set Lightroom to store the catalog (and other Lightroom files) in a OneDrive synced folder on my hard drive called Lightroom.
      2. Set Lightroom to import all photo files into a OneDrive synced folder on my hard drive called Photos.
      3. Set Lightroom to manage sub-folders and file names (including reorganising my existing collection).
      4. Set Lightroom to watch and automatically add new files from the Photos file.


      Organising and Editing

      1. Set Lightroom to write metadata into the actual photo files.
      2. Use Lightroom to assign keywords, make edits and organise into albums.
      3. Set Lightroom to export/save edited photos and albums into sub-folders in OneDrive.


      Backup and Sharing

      1. Make regular backups (in duplicate) of my hard drive that contains the synced OneDrive folders.
      2. Publish my favourite photos and albums to Flickr for sharing and viewing on mobile devices.