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    2/4/2015 - Beta - Flash Player

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      The first Flash Player 17 beta builds are now available.  Beta builds can be downloaded from labs.adobe.com.


      New Features for Flash Player 17:


      • Control Panel Improvements

      The system control panel will now display the currently installed version of the ActiveX, NPAPI, and PPAPI plugins.  We've also clarified how Chrome and Chromium (PPAPI) users can edit their Flash Player settings.


      • Installer Improvements - Mac

      The Mac installer will no longer request users close the Chrome browser during installation.  In future versions we'll work to further improve the user experience of our installers.

      Fixed Issues

      • Multiple Stability and Security Fixes


      Known Issues

      • Security issue CVE-2015-0313 is present in this beta release of Flash Player. This security issue will be fixed in next week's beta release.
      • [Mac only]Stream playback doesn't work in Safari for file from local filesystem. (Bug 3928241)
      • Flash player fails to install when installed in the following order: MSI > EXE (Web Installer) > MSI. (Bug 3928747)
      • Flash Player Prompts for Updates with 'Never Check for Updates' Enabled in Flash Player Settings Manager. (Bug 3673004)
      • On Changing the profile Camera Frame is not rendering. (Bug 3932196)
      • Capabilities.language return "xu" when setting system locale to "Spanish(Mexico)”. (Bug 3849223)
      • Audio of last stream is coming while switching the net stream. (Bug 3932959)
      • [Win] Seek functionality is not working. (Bug 3932608)


      About the Beta Channel

      Beta Versions of Flash Player are available for automatic installation via our Background Update service.  Please subscribe to automatically install or receive update availability notifications at runtime