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    cf license

    mas alhafiz5711

      Hi ...

      i have a question, our development team are currently using CF9 and going to upgrade it to CF11, but it still need time to do so... we purchased CF11 licenses as we’ve been told that there’s no more CF9 license available…and we have to use CF9 for the time being…. so, what should we do? Do you have any suggestion? Or can we get product key for CF9 for now as our dev. environment are still in CF9…


      Hope to hear from you..


      Thank you..

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          haxtbh Level 4

          You wont be able to get a CF9 product key or support as it is now end of life. If you don't already have an existing CF9 key then your devs are going to have to upgrade to CF11 if you are wanting to deploy you application. If they upgrade they can do some regression testing on CF11 to make sure everything works ready for deployment.