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    FormsCentral retired on 28 July 2015 - payment


      A week ago (January 28) we have our subscription automatically renewed. Now we get a mail FormsCentral will be retired on 28 July 2015. Not pleasant. What about the payment?

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          When we called to inquire about the renewal they QUICKLY cancelled our subscription without telling us they were going to do so. Now I am stuck with over 500 records I cannot download out of their system.

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            chadreidsf Level 1

            I know this doesn't 100 percent solve your issue, but at JotForm we're trying to help a little. We're offering free paid accounts for the first 6 months of former Adobe FormsCentral users just so they can offset the costs. We've also developed a seamless migration tool as well that lets you convert to JotForm using just your Adobe login; we'd love if you gave it a try.



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              Sara.Forsberg Employee Moderator

              Hi EventLink,


              Your subscription should not have been canceled without your permission. Let me see what I can do to get you access to your forms...



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                Sara.Forsberg Employee Moderator

                Hi Pascal,


                If you've recently renewed your FormsCentral subscription, you will receive a prorated refund for any months remaining in your subscription past March. Please see How will billing work for my current FormsCentral subscription?




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                  EventlinkAdmin Level 1

                  Sara, my co-worker spent the better part of the afternoon on phone support to try to do just that. I am not sure what the problem was but we ended up with an issue tracking number. No receipt or invoice of the renewal and no access to our responses to our forms which we made the mistake of archiving in formcentral. What I would like to see happen to resolve this issue is proof of the charge to our credit card in the form of a PDF receipt as well as access to all our forms and recorded form submissions. Thank you.

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                    Shannon Hickey Adobe Employee

                    Hi EventLink,


                    This is Shannon from the FormsCentral engineering team. I also apologize that support cancelled your subscription without permission. Assuming the account in question is the one you're using for forums access, then I've just fully reinstated your account within the service itself by granting you complimentary access.


                    Note that this has no connection to your subcription/billing, and unfortunately I have no visibility into what the support team actually did at the billing level. However I can tell you that no customers will be billed for FormsCentral after February, and customers on yearly subscriptions that carry past February will receive a pro-rated refund for March onward, all while maintaining their access level. As such, it is extremely unlikely that the support team could have reinstated your account and begun a new paid subscription.


                    So here's what I recommend:

                    1. Enjoy full complimentary access to FormsCentral and your existing data until the service shuts down.

                    2. If you see any charges past February, which you shouldn't, be sure to call support and have them stopped. If this somehow turns off your account again, I apologize in advance and request you to follow up here and ask us to fix it again.


                    Sorry for the trouble!


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                      Please provide us with information about your product. I use FormsCentral on a daily basis to generate income for my business and absolutely cannot live without it (or something just like it). If there is an easy migration too, that would be a lifesaver. I'll take a little time to search online, but any additional information you can provide is greatly appreciated.


                      Thanks so much for posting here.

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                        chadreidsf Level 1

                        Hi ldburroughs!


                        We definitely understand how a form can absolutely be essential to generating income for any business. We've created an import tool for Adobe users that I think will be a big help for you. It's a really simple process, you just need your Adobe login information, and the import is automatic (along with your data). You can check it out here.


                        Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or trouble switching over, we'd be happy to help. chad(at)jotform.com

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                          We are currently working on a project that is actively using Forms Central. Our subscription ends in November 2015. Your January e-mail indicates that we should still have access to Forms Central until at least June 28, 2015, and our current project use of Forms Central will likely go beyond the June date. Now it sounds like you will start the refunds on prepaid accounts in March 2015. Does this mean that we will not be able to use Forms Central earlier than the original June expiration date?