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    First little steps with Greensock

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      i'm trying to translate/remake Edge banners by Greensock/javascript,

      to get them smoother, quicker and easier to edit.


      I'm happy with the first steps..

      but some things are hard yet..


      Finally i want to make weekly banners with a heading,

      with our sofas and a weekly price.


      I just put some basic things in Edge


      in compositionsReady

      i'v linked the objects to a var name.

      and under that the lines for the transformation...this works.


      see below


      But i want to specify the locations and the time

      the locations where the sofas (4x) come from and go and also the price...

      ( i can make something with tweenLite.to    ....a delay....and then another tweenLIte.to or .from? )

      after that : sym.play(0); ( to repeat)


      I can make transformations for all the items...with a delay

      but is that how it must be done? ( maybe tweenMax with stagger is better? )


      And voor de items ster25 / ster30 / ster40 can i group them?

      I thought in a css...but the only thing that looked like css is index.edge.js? is that the one?






      // insert code to be run when the composition is fully loaded here

      var myWheel = sym.$("RoundRect");

      var rect = sym.$("rect");

      var bank1z2 = sym.$("alexis2bruin_250px");

      var bank1z3 = sym.$("alexis3bruin_250px");

      var ster25 = sym.$("ster25");

      var ster30 = sym.$("ster30");

      var ster40 = sym.$("ster40");



      TweenLite.fromTo(myWheel, 1, {x:0}, {x:100});

      TweenLite.to(rect, 2, {rotation:90});

      TweenMax.from(ster25, 0.5, {opacity:100, y:300, rotation:360});


      Hope to hear a second step...

      greet marcel