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    Adobe Changes

      I use Trial product and trial product does not work at all surely I will think adobe products don't work at all eh??

      specifically Photoshop Elements 12 stopped working so I bought 'Photoshop Elements 13 that worked even more poorly and now I am on the thirty day trial ... but you know that doesn't work when you put it out there


      Why would you sabotage me with samples of software that don't work at all ... please help and support with your software changes

      are you planning to eliminate Photoshop Elements 13 ... why won't you let me use it ??   why do you hate me

      I conclude you hate me and my download files are so black I cannot navigate the web page can I get samples of Photoshop Lr??


      I want to werk on something like Photoshop Lightroom  but you are not providing valid software??? why???


      are you planning to do something??? if I gopt adobe cloud could you assist me (Behance me??_ on my project??


      what is new at adobe my tabs do not work


      Complaint part 2 Acrobat 9 and later don't work with real documents no pulling up sample documents nothing real world to work with

      you will go obsolete like a bird that cannot land??

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There must be something wrong with your computer if none of the software is working. There are millions of users who work with these software programs every day. I have no problem using any of the programs that I use. Please describe your computer:

          What operating system?

          How much RAM (memory)?

          How much free disk space?

          What exactly happens when you try to use the software?

          Please provide as many details as possible.

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            forums do not provide a helpful way to resolve problems hey adobe ... what is up with the blackout will this problem be resolved in future version(s)  I cannot see the work page ... footage is not evident there is no workspace I cannot find a working surface??  Specifically the After Effects is like for me a darkroom without the yellow light I used to use to see my photos in the darkroom no life in the program no independent way to find my progress if any previous version was better for me??   I had similar problem in the past with Acrobat 9 screen goes black and drop down menus are grey and disabled no way or help to get out of the grey ... no Start point for user without experience I have 4GB ram memory but computer responds poorly in adobe programs no crashes recently but programs of adobe I do not recommend I am still trying to find my way around and so bad (how bad is it??) it is so bad If I had another three (3) weeks I still would not be able to use this software too many problems in the visuals or font sizes not workable for the most part ...